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It is attributed to uncorrected observations of the Roemer type, by Cassini, in 1693.To obtain the speed of light by this method, the earth's orbital radius (i.e.This is especially important for the current data set, since the reported error bars range from ± 20,000 km/s to ± 0.0003 km/s.When I analyzed the entire data set of 163 points using the standard, weighted, linear least squares method, the decay of c was determined to be: decay of c = 0.0000140 ± 0.0000596 km/s/year.

That is, data points with large error bars (greater uncertainty), have less impact on where the best fit straight line should be drawn than do data points with small error bars.Roemer in 1675 gave it as 11 minutes from selected observations.Halley in 1694 noted that Roemer's 1675 figure for the time delay was too large while Cassini's was too small (p. Norman and Setterfield have chosen to use a reworked or "corrected" value for Roemer's c determination (this is the earliest measurement shown on the graph), and an uncorrected value for Cassini's.distance from the sun) is divided by the measured time of transit of that radius by light (about 8 minutes, 20 seconds, today).The following quote from Norman and Setterfield is illuminating: Observations by Cassini (16) gave the orbit radius delay as 7 minutes 5 seconds.

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